Muscle Cars – Body Parts

muscle car parts

Today’s muscle car owners look to the aftermarket for muscle car parts and muscle car accessories. With gas prices skyrocketing and people taking their vehicles more seriously, they are looking for ways to upgrade the performance of their muscle cars without spending the extra money on replacing the engine or transmission. This means looking for and purchasing genuine muscle car parts from reputable dealerships or muscle car specialty shops. However, muscle car enthusiasts have a problem – where to find these kinds of parts.

Most muscle car enthusiasts fall into one of two categories: those who love classic cars and muscle cars, and those who own RTR muscle cars (also called “working” or “street legal” muscle cars). Naturally, those who love classic cars are interested in genuine muscle car parts. They shop for classic muscle car parts that match the interior and exterior styling of their muscle cars, and they usually use aftermarket performance parts to customize the performance of their muscle cars. Those who own RTR muscle cars are more likely to be interested in muscle car parts for their classic muscle cars.


If you’re interested in muscle car parts that will not affect the appearance of your classic cars, then it is recommended that you shop for such parts at specialty shops. Classic muscle car parts like hood vents and bumpers can be difficult to install, no special tools are required. Also, these parts often need to be ordered through an online retailer. Often, classic cars have intricate styling that needs to be accentuated by well-placed parts. Because of this reason, many online muscle car accessory stores sell RTR style parts.

Muscle car accessories for your muscle cars of any age should come with a warranty. Many aftermarket parts require that you replace them with new replacements if they break or chip. In this case, it is recommended that you look for full-size replacement parts, since the accessories for RTRs may not be readily available for full-size trucks. If you decide to replace your accessories yourself, remember to get the correct part number for the vehicle you are replacing. If you are unsure of the correct part number, search for it online.

muscle car parts


Most full-size muscle car parts come from American makes, but there are a few suppliers that specialize in European and Asian import cars. Since American makes are quite dominant in the muscle car industry, they are the most common source of aftermarket parts. However, some European donor cars can also be found. There are two different types of aftermarket automotive parts: performance parts, which are for hardcore racers and street rods; and standard parts, which are for everyday use and are designed for daily use. Performance parts include exhausts, clutches, performance kits, headers, intercoolers, carbs, and more.

Body Conversion

The second type of aftermarket accessory is a body conversion kit. A body is a shortened chassis body made from a plastic mould. It is usually a seamless part of a muscle car’s engine compartment, rather than being attached to the vehicle like other body parts are. Because of its convenience, many people opt to purchase a body rather than purchasing a complete muscle car accessory kit.

Restoration Products

Muscle car restoration products for the body are also very popular and include everything from new windshields to used sheet metal parts. Some people are hesitant to purchase a body kit for their muscle cars because they don’t want to modify the muscle car’s already existing chassis. However, muscle car enthusiasts choose to continue modifying their muscle cars using aftermarket parts, as sheet metal parts are generally easier to install than their more traditional metal counterparts. Most body kits are made with the same quality standards as other muscle car parts, so purchasing a body kit is as high a quality as buying any other muscle car part.

If you’re planning on restoring an existing muscle car or installing any custom modifications, body parts are the best way to go. These cars are also less expensive than their full-scale muscle car cousins. Although muscle cars have always been considered high-end car models, they have come down in price over the years, making them accessible to nearly every budget. If you’re interested in restoring a body muscle car, a quick visit to your local muscle car restoration shop might be just what you were looking for!…

Muscle Car Builders – Parts For Building a Limited Edition Muscle Car

muscle car builders

When muscle car enthusiasts think about muscle car builders, they automatically think of those hot rods you see on the streets and TV. While some muscle car builders have put muscle into their muscle cars by hand and some have built muscle car prototypes, the majority of muscle car builders built their muscle cars with muscle car engines. Some muscle car owners are even using muscle car engines to build hyper-cars for sale. And muscle car engine builders make a lot of money with those engines because they are very popular in muscle car circles and can be customized well. Because of the popularity of muscle car engines, muscle car builders need to be able to come up with custom made engines for muscle car owners who want a really fast muscle car that will go high speeds and through big turns.


Muscle car engines are usually made with block bodies, so-called “rotary valve” gasoline engines or nitrous oxide gas engines. There are two main types of muscle car engines: direct-vent and vent-less engines. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. Direct-vent hot rod engines work best in stock form, but some hot rod enthusiasts like to convert their muscle car engines to direct vent so they can use them on track. These engines require more horsepower and larger diameter rotors, so the price of a muscle car engine is higher than most.

The most important part of a muscle car’s engine is the camera body. A camera is a special type of muscle car that uses a low restriction air box to maximize airflow through the engine. It also features low-profile aluminium cylinder heads and high flow stainless steel cylinder valves. Muscle car enthusiasts prefer to build their muscle car engines with blocks that have been led. This means that the block has been sandblasted down to the original factory specification, making it stronger and more reliable.


Brake systems also vary between different car models. Stock braking can be hard on the chassis if the suspension is not set up properly. Some stock suspension designs do not work well with certain weight configurations. If you have a stock suspension, you might notice a drop in acceleration from corner to corner. You can correct this problem easily by fitting special shock absorbers that will dampen the effect of a quick transition by absorbing all of the energy that the brakes exert, thus making your cornering simpler.

A major advantage of muscle cars is the use of aluminium chassis components. Aluminium is lightweight and strong; it is also rust-resistant. The frames for the front and rear suspensions of muscle cars are made entirely out of aluminium, which means that the frame can last a very long time without rusting.

muscle car builders


The suspension system of a muscle car must be set up in a very unique manner, though. Because of the stock type suspension, the tires will have to be much wider than stock. The wheels will need to have a bigger diameter to compensate for the wider spacing. The frame, though, must be able to support the extra weight and therefore, have a stronger frame, to begin with.


Another thing to consider when building a muscle car is to choose a body style that compliments the muscle car’s chassis. Camaros with long bodies and wide tires look best with flat front fenders, while cougars should use slick straight fenders to minimize ground clearance. Muscle cars also look best in aggressive quad taillights, chrome wheels, and aggressive rims. They should also get body kits with low profile skirts and rear wings. If the muscle car has a long roof, then the top must be lowered for aerodynamics.

Building muscle cars is not very easy, so most muscle car builders choose to build a limited edition car. Limited edition muscle cars usually come with better parts, have better warranties, and are much easier to repair and customize than their standard counterpart. This is because the market for muscle cars is small compared to other vehicle categories. So it can be hard to find a reputable company to build your full frame.…

How to Build Muscle Car Engines

muscle car engines

When muscle car enthusiasts think of muscle car engines, they typically think about big blocks made of iron that are usually run by an aggressive nitro-methane engine or a high capacity “hot dog” version that has been designed for high-speed racing. But muscle car engines also come in many varieties such as flat top versions, small block versions, and many others. Many muscle car enthusiasts prefer to build their muscle car engines rather than buy them from muscle car specialty shops or muscle car racing events. And while there is no shortage of websites where you can go to find muscle car engines for sale, it’s also good to know what you should know before you start your muscle car engine search.

Start With Basics

To ensure that your muscle car engine is going to run properly, you will need to start by checking the air filter. If your muscle car doesn’t have one fitted, it’s time for a new one. Most muscle car enthusiasts agree that a muscle car engine needs its fair share of air filtering so dirty air can be replaced with clean air before going out for a ride. Some muscle car owners even go so far as to say that adding an oil filter to the engine is necessary as well. For those muscle car owners without an oil change kit, this might mean adding a couple of extra items to your list of things to do. But muscle car enthusiasts swear by muscle car engine exhausts for the performance benefits they provide.

Of course, any muscle car engines for sale comes with a price tag attached. But when you start researching the different options available, you may be surprised to see how affordable some of the more popular models can be. There are several popular models from the 1960s and ’70s that still have functional engines; you just have to hunt and peck to find them. Many of these muscle car engines use original parts; meaning you don’t need to buy a whole new vehicle to get the job done. You should check the specifications of the model you’re interested in carefully to make sure that the engine you choose will work with the other components you already own.

Engine Types

For Ford muscle car engines, you can go with either small block or mid-block stroker engines, regardless of whether you opt for a block or cylinder-based engine. Many people are familiar with the small block Ford muscle car engines that are typically found in the Mustangs and Chevelles. Cylinder based engines tend to be lighter and have a lower compression ratio compared to block muscle car engines.

muscle car engines


The next thing to consider when purchasing muscle car engines is displacement. There are four major categories of muscle car engines: Magnum, V-12, SOHC, and HHO. A Magnum horsepower rating is determined by the piston displacement, bore and stroke length, and compression ratio of the engine. If you want your engine to produce more horsepower, then you’ll likely need to increase the piston displacement.

For a Magnum block muscle car engine, you will need to increase the bore and stroke length by at least 40 per cent. However, before going to this extreme, it is best to find out what the current market average is for these dimensions. Then, you can determine how much of an increase in bore and stroke you need to make to produce the highest horsepower numbers. Once you have your current average, then you can make your purchase.


If you’re looking for a power increase, then a muscle car exhaust system is what you should look for. Muscle car exhausts are designed to maximize power and minimize horsepower waste. For example, to propel a car very fast down the road, the exhaust system needs to expel a lot of exhaust gasses. That’s why these exhausts are typically very large. They also have very snappy backbeats to help get the cat fast!

Muscle car engines are just a cylinder away from building that incredible power that all muscle car enthusiasts covet so much! But, before building a muscle car engine, you should make sure to pick the right side of the cylinder for your particular car. You should also be sure to do the proper installation of your cylinder. And, lastly, remember to keep the cylinder displacement size appropriate for your car and your intended use!…

Shelby GT Specs

Shelby gt specs

Shelby has introduced its new HD edition for the Cobra and Shelby GT 500. The Shelby GT line up features some new specifications in a bid to bring back the high-performance car that it is so famous for. For the Cobra this means a larger block, more efficient exhaust system, new performance clutch, and of course, the Shelby GT 350i spec engine. Shelby has not ruled out the possibility of bringing back the Shelby GT models with manual transmissions in the future. We will have to see.

One exciting announcement made by Shelby is the addition of new Shelby GT 350i and Shelby GT 500i performance parts. The new Shelby GT 500i comes with news Reddish Black metallic body kit, which is lighter than the original colour. The Shelby GT 350i will also come with new paddle-shifts and a longer gear change. Both vehicles come standard with four tires and both have been equipped with new pads and rotors.

Shelby has also announced the addition of the Shelby GT 500i Limited Edition to the 2020 model year lineup. Limited Edition cars feature all-new performance and engineering upgrades, as well as a limited number of two-piece front grilles. Shelby will be making a few dozen limited-edition models for the 2020 model year. It is not known if the Shelby GT will be available with a manual or automatic transmission.


Shelby is also updating its brakes and adding carbon fibre front and rear callipers, rotors, and rotors surround replacements. Shelby will add new brake pads to all models, as well as a carbon fibre hood, wheel wells, mirrors, and callipers. The Shelby GT specs do not mention if the brakes and hood will be available from the factory or if the buyer will have to buy them separately.


Shelby has also upgraded its engines with a new twin-cam high-performance block, upgraded cylinder heads, and a higher compression stroke. The Shelby GT spec sheet mentions a news Reddish Black supercharger that will come as standard. Other engine parts are also listed: an oxygenated fuel system, revised valve trim, and an exhaust featuring two exhaust pipes. All of the changes are designed to produce more horsepower while increasing drippiness, which is another reason why a Shelby GT is so popular. Shelby is looking to challenge the Ford Mustang and Chevy Cavalier by bringing high-performance, sleek styling, and a powerful, sporty engine to the table.

Shelby gt specs

Shelby has also added a nitrous oxide kit to its lineup. Nitrous oxide is a type of advanced motor fuel that is usually used on higher performance vehicles like the Lamborghini Diablo, or sports cars with more powerful engines. Nitrous oxide produces turbo-charged power without sacrificing high-performance and a wide range of tuning features. For those who want to upgrade but do not want to replace their current motor, the nitrous kit can be purchased separately and then installed in place of the Shelby GT Si or Shelby GT Shelby models.


Shelby also developed a Shelby GT Daytona racecar to compete against its competitors. Shelby has developed a high-performance, street-legal automobile for drivers of all types of conditions and driving styles. Shelby has also developed an engineering program to help develop new ideas and strategies in high-performance automobiles. These programs have helped to make Shelby a serious competitor in the professional segment of racing.

Shelby’s goal is to build high-performance roadsters that can compete with its rivalries in the most prestigious racing events in the world. To this end, it has developed new body lines and a new platform for production. It is also improving the way it builds its Shelby GT Daytona racers by building lightweight vehicles with high-strength steel, using the best materials available and improving its design and aerodynamics. The goal is to build the fastest roadsters in the world, using state-of-the-art engineering and high-performance Shelby parts and components.…

Muscle Cars For Sale By Owner

muscle cars for sale

Muscle Cars for Sale have come a long way since they were first introduced in the market. From being simple cast-iron cars, these muscle cars have now evolved into high-performance automobiles. Muscle Cars for Sale have been around since the 1950s and have always been a hit. They are sold by individuals from all walks of life and in every state across America. However, muscle cars for sale by owner have also become very common.

Muscle Cars for Sale by owner is something you will not find anywhere else. There is nothing quite like the feeling of owning your own classic American muscle car. As a muscle car enthusiast, you will be constantly looking for new and used muscle cars for sale by owner. You may want to drive some of the older models to find out what you would have gotten had you purchased them at the time when they were just introduced. Owning a muscle car is much more than just looking good; it’s also about being comfortable and contented with the way you drive.


Muscle cars are not cheap to buy, which is why finding good muscle cars for sale by owner is so important. Muscle cars have always been considered more about status and the owner’s drive rather than its value. These classic American muscle cars for sale by owner are very easy to find because they are so popular. They are in such demand that they are only kept in mint condition for as long as their owners live.

Muscle cars for sale by owner are a reflection of the muscle cars’ owners themselves. For instance, the Buick Riviera is a muscle car that has a high quality of beauty and elegance. It has been said that the Buick Riviera is one of the best race cars to come from America. It has been said to perform well no matter where it goes. Of course, many of these cars do not end up running as street cars, but they can be modified to run on the street with ease.

Another example of cheap classic muscle cars for sale by owner is the Ford Focus. This little car might just look like any other type of small car, but it has a powerful way of moving. The Ford Focus can be modified so that it looks just like a truck. This car is just as strong as a pickup truck, but without the cost to acquire that power.

muscle cars for sale

Popular Models

Other muscle cars for sale by owner are the Chevrolet Camaro and the Dodge Challenger. The Camaro has been known for its sleek styling and its reliability. The Dodge Challenger is known for their powerful engines and their willingness to do whatever it takes to win. The Ford Focus is another muscle cars for sale by owner. If you like a coupe and you like the performance, then the Ford Focus is definitely for you.

There are plenty of muscle cars for sale by owner in the automotive world. Heck, you can still find some of these old classics around. You just need to know where to look. If you are still looking for a classic car, then there are still plenty out there that you might be interested in. It just takes a little bit of looking.

Muscle cars for sale by owners are still available to those of us who like to drive old classic cars. Yes, there are some muscle cars for sale that are far more powerful than others, but there are still plenty out there that will make great gifts or just classic cars to start with. If you are looking for a muscle car, then there are plenty to choose from out there. It just takes a little bit of looking.…

Mustang GTC Special Edition

2007 mustang gt

For those who are purchasing a Mustang for the first time, it is a good idea to look into the Mustang GTC convertible. This model offers an option of removing the top half while keeping the power and performance of the Mustang intact. For those that want to add some personality to their Mustangs, this is a great way to do so.

Horsepower and Torque

When it comes to power, there are many changes from Mustang gt to Mustang gt convertible. The biggest is the added horsepower, which has increased from 300 horsepower to a full-throttle power of 400 horsepower. This is thanks in large part to the new exhaust system, which features a high flow header and dual-tip pipes. These help to increase the horsepower of the vehicle at the pump by more than twenty per cent.

With the added torque, you can also get a better acceleration from the car. The Mustang GTC Cal special edition offers a five-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission. You can choose either with the automatic transmission because of the five-speed manual’s quicker shifts. Of course, you do not have to stick with the same transmission for both sets of gears.


For passenger protection, a lot of attention was paid to the Mustang GTC’s standard front and rear airbags. Both bags are fully adjustable and built to withstand crash impacts up to a crash rating of thirty-five thousand pounds. Standard on both sides, the passenger seat now features a safety belt and an excellent airbag system. The airbag will be activated automatically in the case of a crash, and the driver is provided full control over whether the airbag is deployed or deactivated.

Removable Hardtop

One item that has been noticeably lacking in previous Mustangs is a removable hardtop. This is one of the highlights of the Mustang GTC convertible coupe, which will be available in different colours. The hardtop is another example of Ford’s renewed commitment to luxury in its vehicles and is designed to hide the vehicle’s undercarriage like a soft top for a sports car. It is made of the same materials as the rest of the vehicle and is also offered in different colours.

2007 mustang gt


For drivers who want to modify their Mustangs even further, a Mustang gt appearance package will allow them to upgrade the look of the front and rear bumpers. The Mustang GTC Appearance package comes with a two-door pony car, a hood scoop, side skirts, and a fender. If you choose to add some chrome or aluminium to your bodywork, it can be done by removing the two Integra exhaust tips and replacing them with universal headlamps. This upgrade will make your car look more aggressive, and if you are looking for a quick way to bring out the potential of your engine, consider installing an aggressive strobe light kit.

For ultimate power, you can choose to upgrade to the Mustang GTC Limited Edition with the Black Leather Seat package. Your ride will now feature deep red, high-gloss black leather upholstery, sports bar clamped chrome metal on the fenders, a black all-weather floor mat, and a high-gloss black racing stripe down the back of the seats. For added comfort, you can also upgrade to the Powertrain Package that features the Black Leather Seat, Black Spokes Leather Recessed Pads, Spokes Black Spoke Hub Caps, Power Steering Wheel Delete, Tread Cam-Ridges, HID Kit, and Black Spoke Brakes. These upgrades will give you and your passengers a more comfortable, safe driving experience while adding noticeable amounts of power to your vehicle.

If you are in the market for something new and exciting in your car, you can choose to upgrade your current GTC with some of these upgrades or completely replace your vehicle with one of these cars. You should keep in mind that all models of the Mustang are made to meet the California emissions standard, so you will want to make sure that your vehicle complies with the state’s emissions laws before taking it off the lot. Once you have located your vehicle, you can begin shopping around and doing some comparison-shopping to find the exact Mustang you want at the best possible price. With everything available, you can get that Mustang you’ve always wanted without putting yourself into a financial bind.…